10 Creative DIY Easter Egg Projects


Help yourself to these DIY Easter egg projects and make your Easter egg hunt and celebration even more egg-citing!

DIY Easter Egg Projects for Everyone


1. Calligraphed Eggs

easter-painted-eggs-isolated-on-trendy | easter egg crafts

To make these elegant calligraphed eggs, use temporary tattoo paper and five other simple materials. You can write Easter-related messages or your own sweet messages for your family and friends.


2. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

easter-colored-eggs-on-vintage-background | easter egg
Looking for easy Easter eggs decorating ideas? Nothing could be easier than this melted crayon art idea for eggs.

Let your kids use their imagination and creativity and let them have their way with the melted crayons.

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3. Natural Leaf Easter Egg

natural-dye-colored-easter-eggs | easter egg art
Give this fun decorating project/experiment a try and your kids will have fun for sure. All you will need is around you and probably in your crafting stash.


4. Confetti Dipped Easter Egg

happy-easter-eggs-decoration-pink-paper | diy egg project
Traditionally, Easter egg designs are subtle and mostly colored in pastel and earth colors. Break tradition and take on these sparkly confetti-dipped eggs for adult Easter egg hunting.

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5. Lunch Note Egg

gold-black-white-blue-easter-eggs | easter egg project
With three simple materials, you can make these lunch note eggs for Easter and for all occasions–even every day. Again, you can put simple notes you like and your family and friends will love them, too.

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6. Paper Napkin Decoupage Egg

If you want your Easter eggs elegant and neat, make sure to give this paper napkin decoupage eggs a try. It’s a bit intricate but any crafter will definitely dig these kinds of Easter egg projects.

Definition of Decoupage: It is a craft and art method in decorating any medium using paper cutouts.


7. DIY Watercolor-Sprayed Easter Eggs

You will have fun making this DIY watercolor-sprayed egg art for sure. Make sure you’re in for spraying more than just the eggs because your kids might just spray beyond the eggs.

8. Cement Easter Eggs

concrete-egg-on-background | egg crafts
For both indoor and outdoor decoration, these cement eggs will fit right in. Especially this Easter and spring season, decorate your outdoor furniture by placing the eggs in a DIY nest on top of your table or you can also use them for indoor decoration.


9. Nail Polish Easter Egg

easter-eggs | egg art
With your stash of nail polish, you can decorate your Easter eggs easily for egg hunting. This DIY tutorial has one little twist using water but you can always go with your mood and design how you want it with nail polish.


10. Super Creative, Hand Drawn Easter Egg Ideas

holding-easter-eggs-handdrawn-patterns-soft | diy egg art
This Easter egg project may need you to take your crafting and art skills to the next level. You can use different art materials to create this egg art for Easter.


We can’t get enough Easter egg crafts and fun Easter ideas for kids, so there you have it, busy crafters! Easter egg projects you will want to make in time for the festivities.

With these Easter egg decorating projects and ideas, your festivities and egg hunting will definitely be even more fun and exciting.


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