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Meet our new support ticket system. It lets you stay on top of your support requests in one place and keep up with each request across email, RSS, and discussion boards in one easy-to-use system. We’re now here for you — anytime, anywhere.

We know first hand what it can be like trying to get support for a product you’ve purchased only to feel like somehow your support request must have gotten lost along the way, no more. We’ve modified our internal processes so that each ticket is answered in the order it was received and is followed up on at regular intervals. Even if you loose track of your support request, we wont.

Ticket System / Forum Hybrid

We use a hybrid of support forum and support ticket system. We chose this ultimately because we know the majority of customers actually prefer to answer their own questions if they are given the tools to do so.

      Unique ticket ID number assigned
      Internal priority escalation
      Ability for community responses
      Assigned support staff to each ticket
      No support request left behind or overlooked
      Post code, screenshots, and video

Customers can now login with their username and password, access their profile page, view the status, re-open, or resolve any of their existing support requests — all from one location. We make it simple for you to engage in more ways than ever before.

Community Involvement

Many of our enthusiastic customers like to lend a hand in helping each other by answering questions. Often times this allows for a support question to be initially replied to in an even faster timeframe. Many of our customers who help on the forums are developers themselves, lending early insight into helping solve whatever issue you may be experiencing. But don’t worry, we’ll still follow up on each support ticket up and give an authoritative reply.

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