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While it’s true that WordPress theme shops are just about a dime a dozen these days, what sets us apart and gives us our uniqueness, is our underlining passion and conviction to give our customers the very best products and experiences, without the bloat and headache.

Who We Are

We are a creatively agile group of designers and developers from around the global community, with our headquarters situated just east of Dallas, in the piney woods and rolling hills of beautiful East Texas.

What We Do

We strive to create some of the finest WordPress themes in the market, while keeping them affordable and easy-to-use. Each theme is carefully handcrafted, uniquely tailored to meet your needs both now and for years to come.

When We Do It

It’s our aim to offer a new theme every 6 weeks, while taking time to support our current customers, and keep our current catalog of themes updated and relevant.

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Where We Sell

Currently our themes are only offered for sale via industry leading third-party marketplaces such as ThemeForest and CreativeMarket.

Take a look at our WordPress themes, and if you fancy one, head on over to one of these great marketplaces.

Why We Do It

As long as we can continue to do what we love, which is to create great WordPress themes and experiences, we’ll do it, AND we’ll seek to delight each our customers in the process. Thats just how we roll.

How We Delight

Our customers are people. Many who have spent their hard earned dollars to purchase one of our great products.

Therefore, it’s our utmost aim to create a culture around supporting, helping, and delighting them, while offering some of the best and most brilliantly handcrafted WordPress themes around, all at an affordable price.